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We are one of the oldest towns in Ontario and our Main Street is a living reflection of Canada's small-town history. Part of Niagara’s Wine Route with multiple heritage landscapes, Grimsby's Main Street is filled with unique historical features and beautiful views of the escarpment.

Today, the unique small town character of Grimsby's Main Street is in great danger. Threatened by aggressive developers who disregard our Official Plan and Zoning By-Laws, Main Street's historical character and small-town feel needs strong citizens' action to ensure that its value is preserved and passed down to future generations.


If you love the historical, small-town character of Grimsby's Main Street, get involved to help curb overdevelopment along it!

This is the place you chose to raise your family or spend your silver years. At the heart of it, this is still a small town, filled with gardens, large trees, friendly neighbours and quiet streets.

Together, let's make sure that new developments on Grimsby's Main Street serve our community's needs, and do not change its character that we all love and cherish.

Discover Main Street East
like you have never seen it before!

Learn more about what makes this heritage landscape so special and why it is so important to preserve it for future generations.

Currently, Main Street East is undergoing a Heritage Conservation District Study, but there are concerns about the extension of the study area to Grimsby's Downtown.
As Grimsby resident, provide your input at the Town of Grimsby engagement page until February 28th, 2022

Update: Responsible development at 133 Main Street East?
Five Councillors are causing a big setback in this fight

On Monday February 7th, Council upheld the concession given to the developer for a reduced setback at 133 Main Street East by adopting adopting the Committee of the Whole on January 19th minutes (COTW). This concession was part of the much-debated heritage permit due to Planning Staff’s inclusion of two recommendations regarding the new development proposal currently under dispute at the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT).


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Help us spread the word and show that you want to protect Grimsby's Main Street from overdevelopment. To get a sign, please send us a message and we'll deliver it at your address.



Join our growing list of residents who support our mandate to protect Grimsby's Main Street, by adding your voice to the cause.


Receive the latest news, Open House reminders, and Town's decisions involving large development applications on Grimsby's Main Street.


Send us a message if you can help deliver a flyer in your neighbourhood or spread the word in any other ways.


...Town must keep the modern towers and cookie cutters off the Main Street

Derek Cleland, Grimsby Resident

We purposely purchased in Grimsby On The Water (a resale home and 3 pre-constructions) where you see mostly cookie cutter townhomes & stand alone homes. We understand the value of preserving the history, character & beauty of a town’s main street.

We have another home in Cobourg, Ontario where the town has preserved and continues to focus on the historical integrity & significance of their main street while dedicating actions to exhibit the beauty. To do this a town must keep the modern towers and cookie cutters off the Main Street, beautify the main street with a future plan that enhances the history, functionality without losing the charm.

We were surprised Grimsby didn’t have more parks in and around the main street plus that the main street didn’t appear to receive the attention it deserves. We are encouraged that there is a Save Main Street initiative and hopefully the planning department along with town officials will support these efforts to save the main street.

We love the mature neighbourhoods and the character of the homes

Mark L., Grimsby Resident

My wife and I chose Grimsby to live in while we raise a family because of the memories I had growing up here and the atmosphere of a small town with a great community feel.

We love the mature neighbourhoods and the character of the homes, new communities are just so many cookie cutter boxes arranged to generate dollars per square foot for developers that don’t care about the current residents.


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On behalf of our group, we thank these wonderful volunteers for their dedication and hard work to protect Grimsby's heritage. Their voices in the heritage committee will be missed!

Posted by SaveMainStreet on Thursday, February 10, 2022


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An Open House for a By-law Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision at Nixon Hall (262 Main Street West) has been...

Posted by SaveMainStreet on Monday, October 4, 2021