Council votes down HCD studyConsiders land planning study

The Main Street East HCD study will not proceed, with Councillors Kadwell, Ritchie, Dunstall and Vaine voting it down at the last council meeting of the year on December 21.

Instead, Council voted for a Land Use Study, and consider a Heritage Conservation District only if paired with this study.

Details of this meeting were highlighted in the NewsNow edition of December 30, 2020.

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With a land use planning study on a main street, we’re back to a Secondary Plan where the focus of new development will be intensification, while heritage and character preservation will take a back seat. The Region will be part of the steering committee and will have the final say to approve the study.

To all those who wrote letters to Council in support of the HCD study, a big thank you! This was another example of how our community comes together to defend what is important for us to preserve. We will continue to watch the events closely and keep you informed.

Below is the list of recent events that followed this study:


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