133 Main St. East - Developer's Open House Announced

Residents who live in close proximity to 133 Main St East, received notices for a developer’s open house, just a few days ago. The event will be held Monday, October 28 at 6:30 pm, at the Nelles School (118 Main St. East).

It is important to note that this event is NOT a Town’s official meeting under the Planning Act. It is organized on behalf of the developer (Homes by DeSantis) by the IBI group, the consulting company who manages the development application process.

As stated in the notification below, the purposes of the event are to introduce the 4 and 5 storey application to our community, and answer the questions you may have about it. However, there is another reason why some developers choose to hold their own open houses ahead of the Town’s meetings: to garner issues raised by residents in order to strengthen their case at the Town’s open house.

The IBI group is an experienced consulting company who knows how to “dance” around big issues like excessive height and density, increased car traffic and loss of privacy. They will do their best to convince us that this development is “exciting” and a desirable addition to Grismby’s Main St. Expect all the flaws of this proposal to be brushed aside, and your questions cleverly answered to make this mega development look like a great fit.

We encourage you to attend this meeting and listen to what the developer has to say. However, it may be best to hold off your comments and concerns for the Town’s open house where they will be heard by the Town’s Planning Committee and taken into account by Town’s staff in their recommendation report.

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