Town is Trying to Address Secondary Plan Concerns

A new article about the Main Street East intensification plan (or “The Hospital Corridor”) was published in Grimsby Lincoln News on August 7.

The Town is trying to address growing concerns from residents regarding the amount of intensification that may occur as the result of this plan and also about preserving the character of the Main Street East.

According to the article, the idea of this plan has been in the works for the last two years. The Planning Department had identified this portion of the Main Street East as an “area where strategic intensification and appropriate infill were deemed as appropriate” and that they are “looking to see what needs to be changed.”

No clear mention was made regarding the height of the buildings considered, but the article states that “this will not be a west end development” and they are looking into “development that would attract more physicians”.

More medical offices sounds good. However, this is still an area targeted for intensification. It may not be 12 storey buildings like in the west end, but multistorey residential developments are considered as part of this plan.

If you want to make sure that the Town understands clearly how you’d like to preserve the character of the area, your involvement is needed. Get notified about the next meetings and help us spread the word.


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