Request for helpto secure participant status at the Ontario Land Tribunal

The start of the legal dispute for the seven storey proposal at Cole’s is approaching fast, with the first Case Management Conference set for this Friday, September 3rd.

Over one hundred residents sent letters to Council and Town’s Planning opposing this seven storey proposal. Our supporters will recall that Losani Homes took this application at the Ontario Land Tribunal (formerly LPAT), shortly after the Open House in March and the prescribed 120 days for a Council decision have past.

Aside from appealing the non-decision by Council, the applicant is also appealing the heritage designation of the two homes which he wishes to demolish.

Should the Tribunal find in favour of Losani Homes, the damage on Main Street East will be irreversible and far-reaching. This high-density massive building will render the Heritage Conservation District Study useless. It will trigger more similar redevelopment along Main Street with no regard for the irreplaceable heritage resources, and forever destroying Grimsby’s small-town character and many of its scenic features.

SaveMainStreet is applying for participant status in this appeal case on behalf of residents opposing the proposal. The status request will be considered by the Tribunal at the upcoming CMC on Friday. To be granted participant status, we may need to show larger community support.

Here is what we need from you:

If you do not agree with this application and you support SaveMainStreet representation at the Ontario Land Tribunal, PLEASE EMAIL US YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS.

Subject: #PL210286 - I support SaveMainStreet representation and participant status.

If you are reading this on a laptop or desktop, and have a separate email software, click this button to open your email application with a new message already started for you:

Your name, email and address will be included in a list that we'll present to the Tribunal if support from the community for our representation will ever come into dispute.

The Case Management Conference will be held Friday, September 3 at 10:00 AM by Video Conference. To attend, you can use the link below:
Access Code: 159-015-557

If you have trouble logging in, refer to the Tribunal notice here.

Thank you for your continued support and assistance. We could not be doing this without you!


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