Grimsby should change its slogan

Danielle, Grimsby Resident

Re: Mixed-use proposal at 133 Main Street East

November 8, 2019

This is disgusting and if the town council bows to builders and changes bylaws to allow this eyesore to develop, shame on them. Shame on Mr. Desantis who is ruining our charming town for his corporate greed.

All of my friends who were kids growing up here in the 90s have been forced to move out of town because they can no longer afford to raise their family here. The food banks and rental banks that help those living in poverty are overstretched and hurting because of affordability. Let’s build affordable housing for our current residents before we allow more rich city and condo dwellers to come and further ruin our town.

Look at the expensive townhomes going in by Nelles school. Tear down one of the last small affordable apartment buildings and build $700,000 town homes for Toronto folks. Horrible. This is the same thing. Why must we build on every last stretch of greenspace? Why must we destroy the look and feel of our heritage? Grimsby should change its slogan from “Friendly by nature” to “We have starbucks and condos now, we are Oakville.” If you think these condos and traffic is bad, just wait until the Go train gets here. Enough! This must be stopped.


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