I Found My Happy Place Here In Grimsby

D.G. Roberts, Grimsby Resident

Re: Secondary Plan

July 23, 2018

I watched a movie the other evening about a young woman who lived a very hectic and stress filled life in New York City. Circumstances led to her quitting her job and finding her “happy place”—which happens to be a lighthouse on the water 25 miles out of the city.

Over twelve years ago, I found my happy place here in Grimsby. Tired of Toronto and not feeling a sense of community, our real estate search led us here. We loved the history of the town, the quaintness of the downtown core and that we lived between the escarpment and the lake. And we found a real community with people who cared.

Fast forward to today and we have over development within the areas not designated as green belt. Changes to green belt designation to suit the over development with no thought to natural preservation of our agricultural lands and green space. Sadly we are quickly losing our “friendly by nature” brand and becoming another “me too” suburb.

Case in point, the west end of the city. Now if you like development and condos towering over your town home, fine with me. I get it. It is lake front and prime real estate. And the GO train is supposed to be coming to town in two years.

But for our Main Street between Nelles and the West Lincoln Hospital, we have a great opportunity to do something that will be the envy of southwestern Ontario. Imagine a wellness zone. Grimsby’s own “happy place”. A place where people can come and sit and enjoy the escarpment views and the small town flavour of little shops and small cafes. Where families can safely bike on the road and stop for an ice cream.

Or we can have another west end set upon us with condos and driveways edged right up to the road. Traffic jams in the morning to get out to the QEW or the eventual GO train station and again at night. Busy, noisy and congested. Not a place for peaceful contemplation of our lovely town location between lake and escarpment.

So what can you do? The town has already held a workshop for residents to gather input on what residents would like to see. However, rest assured that the town likely has a vision that plays to the intensification requirements of the province. And that could happen if residents don’t voice their concerns and opinions.

Get involved. Talk to your neighbours. Email your town council member. Attend the next workshop to be held in September. Follow this Facebook page for more information and details on the meeting.

This is your town. This is your Main Street. Make your voice heard so that it is done the right way for the benefit of its residents.


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