Friendly by Condo

Ally J., Grimsby Resident

Re: Mixed-use proposal at 133 Main Street East

November 5, 2019

Friendly by Condo. That’s what Grimsby has become and it must be stopped. Where once we had natural walking trails with peaceful views of the lake and escarpment, where we could hear the waves of lake Ontario, or the rustling of trees, we now have man-made “trails” with “spectacular” views of Condos where we can hear more and more traffic.

The development of Grimsby has caused us to lose green spaces, views, and now history. This was once a quiet, friendly and wonderful small town to raise a family in. Not anymore. Now a family can’t even afford a home here with the cost of living rising as high as the buildings, vehicle accidents are on the rise as traffic has become intolerable, and the friendliness of the town is disappearing fast.

Grimsby is quickly moving the same direction as Burlington, Oakville and Missisauga and once the developers are done ruining Grimsby, Beamsville is next. The Toronto creep has it’s claws deep into Grimsby now. Our politicians, at all levels, must draw a line and stop this here. If our politicians can’t, or won’t stop this, then we need to put them on notice.

Protect our Green Space. Protect our heritage. Protect our town.


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