Here Is A Simple Idea

Phillip Tatham, Grimsby Resident

Re: Secondary Plan

October 19, 2018

Here is a simple idea from a simple mind, but first, lets think about all that hasn’t been done with respect to WLMH.

A few years after moving to Grimsby, we attended a rally at the high school, hundreds turned up, brilliant doctors, nurses, and hospital officials spoke. We learned from them that we had a brilliant teaching hospital and one of the best maternity wards around. Our then provincial representative, initials TH didn’t speak. He walked through the crowd, past people who had questions they wanted answers to, myself included. He walked right in front of me, and I thought at the time this provincial government doesn’t want to help us.

We really do need this hospital brought back to life. Knowing that we have several million dollars in a trust fund somewhere, here is my simple idea. First consult an architect to draw us new and modern plans for the hospital on the existing sight. Then divide the hospital in 4 to 6 sections, by wards and start the upgrades one ward at a time. If this looks workable, tell HHS bye bye. We don’t need them anymore.

Consult with the town and the neighbouring towns with the idea of selling shares to the public, thereby generating financing. Consult with medical schools and nursing schools to promote this nice new hospital in the heart of Niagara and tell these medical students, our intentions are to bring WLMH back with pride to it former glory days. And being self sufficient it will have cash flow and pay a small dividend on the shares sold.

Now I know this is a bit of a hair brain idea, but it’s an idea and I think a better one than the one being proposed by a planning department who are being influenced by all the wrong people.


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