I Vote NO

Chris MacNaughton, Grimsby Resident

Re: Secondary Plan

August 7, 2018

As a resident of Nelles Road South I am totally opposed to the proposed redevelopment of the so-called ‘hospital corridor’. Main Street is already as ‘developed’ as it should be, more than would be ideal, in fact.

Already Grimsby has lost, no, make that thrown away, so much of what made it the special place we loved. We mourned to see orchards and greenspace within the town disappear to be replaced with high density housing.

I do admit that having the Main Street amenities currently in place, including doctors’ offices, pharmacies, florist and garden centre, and the chocolate and gelato store, laboratory, bank, nCAA etc is very handy. But with the addition of each amenity the already dense traffic on Main has grown even more congested.

Housing in multi storey buildings will render the neighbourhood which we used to enjoy even less liveable.

I have been watching, aghast all the while, at the ridiculously dense development on Grimsby’s west end, especially on the North side of the QEW. There we have been giving away public access to the Lake and lands that could have been public parks.

No one wants the further growth except the developers who will make their money and move on to prey upon another community, leaving us coping with traffic, noise, and congestion. I vote NO. Absolutely no to the proposed development.


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