Let us keep our history in mind

Linda Coutts, Grimsby Resident

Re: Main Street East Heritage Conservation District

October 19, 2020

It seems to be apparent from other development concerns that there are many townspeople who revere and respect at least some of our history and its streetscape.

Council may be sieged by development plans, offers, adjustments, etc. but has not necessarily structure in place to retain what our town wants and needs. Passing the motion to approve of the HCD Study so that some of the basic character of our historical town can be kept offers some of that framework.

Change is inevitable. How you change makes the difference. Let us keep our history in mind. As the Town vacillates, developers do not.. Obviously.

Linda Coutts former member of GHAC, Grimsby Museum Board, President of Grimsby Historical Society, and presently Chair of the Nelles Manor Board.


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