Letter for Open House - 141-149 Main Street East

Jamie-Lee Kerr, Grimsby Resident

Re: Mixed-use proposal at 141-149 Main Street East

April 1, 2021

To Whom it may concern,

Re: Main St E Condominium proposal

I am writing on behalf of myself and my husband Jeremy Kerr. We live at 17 Pinewood Ave in Grimsby. We have owned our home here for almost 7 years. Before moving to Grimsby we lived in Hamilton. When we decided to buy a house to raise our family in, we were quickly drawn to Grimsby because of it’s friendly nature, quaint small town feel, open space, beautiful parks and heritage properties.

Unfortunately, after a few years of living here, we have already been bombarded with news of new builds and proposals in the area, threatening to take away many of Grimsby’s charms. I understand the need for some new growth, but I fear that with too much, it will feel as though we are living in Hamilton again.

We recently became aware of a proposed development on Main street at Cole’s. This is within a 5 minute walk from our house. We would like to express our deep disagreement with this proposal being approved. We love the small set of shops in the area, combined with heritage homes and open space. We are unable to attend the next town counsel meeting, but we are hoping that our voice is still heard for consideration of this proposal.

It seems that our small town is constantly under attack of becoming a large dense town lately and we hope that will change in the future. We feel that keeping Grimsby’s charm should be made a top priority.

Thank you so much for your time.

Jamie-Lee Kerr


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