Letter for Open House - 141-149 Main Street East

Lynn Zwart, Grimsby Resident

Re: Mixed-use proposal at 141-149 Main Street East

April 1, 2021

Good Afternoon,

I have been following with great interest the proposal for the Cole’s property that Losani has put forth and, although this is contentious and I am a supporter of heritage buildings and districts on the whole, I believe that this development would be much more palatable if it wasn’t so large and modern.

Main Street East, is a cobbled, disparate section of our town that doesn’t have a homogenous, consistent architectural theme. If Mr. Losani would come up with a plan that would marry the contemporary with the traditional, it could provide a wonderful template to future development projects along the street.

Main Street East and West, are not blank canvases on which to build whatever the current architectural flavour of the decade demands.

I am asking my elected officials to carefully consider the features of this current proposal.

It will be the building that sets the tone for the future and cannot be easily rectified once it goes from a concept on paper to reality.

Kind Regards,
Lynn Zwart


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