Letter for Open House - 141-149 Main Street East

Veronica & Tim Charrois, Jane & Ziggy Fronczak, Grimsby Residents

Re: Mixed-use proposal at 141-149 Main Street East

April 2, 2021

Hello Councillors Dunstall & Vaine,

Today I would like to focus on the future of this town. Specifically that of Main St. East.

I have lived in Grimsby since I was a child, and chose this Town as many others have to raise my own family. My husband and I have put down roots here and we are NOT leaving.

Over the 35 years I’ve been here, I’ve witnessed the changes throughout Town. Many of which are I realize are inevitable given our proximity to Toronto. Our farms and waterfront have disappeared and our escarpment has been cut into. Although I do not agree with many of the developments, I have accepted them. I’ve also realized many of these decisions were not all of yours. However many have been.

I EXPECT (not hope for) responsible development.

Although the Winston and Fifth Wheel areas were not given careful consideration, I’ve accepted it and moved on. Main St. East, however, is an area I will NOT budge on. It is clear you have no interest in supporting heritage, so I will remind you that MAIN ST. EAST IS NOT ZONED FOR INTENSIFICATION. Looking at the traffic alone, this intensification will likely kill a child just trying to walk to school. Is this something you want on your conscience?

Families such as my own, choose older established neighborhoods for a number of reasons. Safety is priority number one. We did not sign up for high-density living. Our neighborhoods are not zoned for it and these regulations MUST be respected. Keep the condos out of established neighbourhoods.

I ask that you respect the Main St. zoning and keep the new condominium proposals to 2 story maximum with large units which keep fewer cars off the road. There is no reason to demolish heritage homes either. Planners can work around them and ensure that the design is in keeping with our historical roots. I would welcome a small-scale replica of the old Village Inn.

Please keep these considerations in mind moving forward. The Grimsby community has been following closely and will continue to keep you accountable.

Thank you,

Veronica & Tim Charrois
Ward 3

Jane & Ziggy Fronczak
Ward 3


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