My family arrived in Grimsby in 1830

Susan Udell Kudrinko, Former Grimsby Resident

Re: Main Street East Heritage District

October 16, 2020

I have been watching from Eastern Ontario the ongoing development struggle that has taken over our beautiful Grimsby.

Since you have showcased my family home as an example of what is at stake, I am lending my voice in the hope that those making decisions will know that the results of indiscriminate development still have an impact on the families who came to Grimsby to settle.

These are the families who pioneered and developed the prosperous fruit growing industry that supported the building of these beautiful homes currently being threatened. All communities must grow and develop, but with that should be an effort made in keeping with the heritage of the town and thereby enhancing the beauty of the town. Would this not make sense in attracting new people and visitors alike?

My family arrived in Grimsby in 1830 from the U.S. and initially built an Inn. The next generation bought the property at 224 Main Street East and proceeded as fruit growers. The soil on that property was the most amazing sandy loam ideal for growing peaches. I know this because I grew up around this farm and remember those who lived there and myself attending Park School across the road. This is very personal to many people of my generation growing up in Grimsby when you knew who everyone was.

This is what is being asked to preserve along with the bricks and mortar and of course those gorgeous stately trees. My family is 300 years and 10 generations in North America with 6 of those generations calling Grimsby home. This perspective may difficult for those in positions deciding on the direction Grimsby takes, but this is what is at the Heart and Soul of Grimsby.

Susan Udell Kudrinko


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