Please do the right thing

Charmaine Morrison, Grimsby Resident

Re: Mixed-use proposal at 141-149 Main Street East

March 29, 2021

The proposed development on the property located at 141-149 Main Street East is going to change the entire ambiance of this area. Grimsby has such beautiful charm and to enable such a monstrosity of structures in these lots would surely change the character that defines our area. To allow a development that Losani is proposing for this area would look unsightly and completely out of place.

These decisions are always made out of greed and never for the betterment of preserving the historical fabric of a community. There needs to be a reevaluation of what would work in these lots to maintain integrity. Please do the right thing and go back to the drawing board. We, the residents of Grimsby, live here for the reasons stated above and ask that you strongly consider our requests.


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