These developers aren’t Gods

Elizabeth Dunlop, Grimsby Resident

Re: "Letter From Burlington"

December 10, 2019

Sad that an “out of towner” can come up with a valid argument against the onslaught of disasters that developers are unloading on our doorstep, while we are throwing up our hands & saying “what can we do”? These developers aren’t Gods! They are businesses who don’t give a damn about our environment. They see a money-making scheme and don’t have to deal with the outcome when it’s finished. We do! Our town, which until the last onslaught known as Grimsby west, I liked to call the village, will disappear. Do we really want to be an extension of Toronto? We are already looking at Grimsby rush hour, so imagine how it will be, with all this , hypothetical, I hope, development? Not good. Let’s fight it!


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