Time To Stop The Poor Planning

DG Roberts, Grimsby Resident

Re: Secondary Plan

September 16, 2018

It has become very clear that town council has been behind all the poor planning into our town. Alderman Steve Berry made very clear years ago that the silent majority agreed with what the council has been doing over the years. Intensification is a plague that will wipe out the history and beauty of towns like ours across Ontario. They will simply become bedroom communities that will have 2-3 hour commuting times.

Toronto is already the second worst commute time in Canada and sixth worst in North America. This has everything to do with lack of investment in public transportation as well as highway infrastructure. Building up Niagara to put more people on the roads to sit in traffic for hours is not helping our communities or our carbon footprint. And if you believe the GO train is coming to Niagara, think again.

If you want responsible governing back so that we can save what is left of our town, become a vocal majority by getting out to vote in October 22. Take your town back. Say no to intensification of our Main Street, no to the proposed tax exemption for the biodigester, have the books open on the Grimsby hydro story and let’s get it right for our community’s future.


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