I'm Totally Embarrassed With The Town Hall And Council

Cindy McMillan, Grimsby Resident

Re: Secondary Plan

July 26, 2018

I’d like to know why we are being pressured by TORONTO and developers to develop what is left of our lovely town. Not everything should be paved over, the uniqueness can and should be preserved. What our town has done on the former Place Polonaise property is what I call a quagmire. Totally unappealing, different heights, styles, what a damn shame, this should have been retained as parkland similar to Charles Daley. There is nothing appealing about this area. There seems to be very little thought being put into development in Grimsby…god! I wish we had a Mike Kirkopolous.

To be very honest once a proud citizen of Grimsby, I’m totally embarrassed with the Town Hall and council. Who builds a splash pad, an outdoor arena and that lovely blue building–the outhouse, beside the town hall– country bumpkins that’s who. Let’s embrace and preserve all that is so lovely about our historic town of Grimsby. We can have both well thought out development and maintain the character of our town. Development should be driven by our residents’ desires not developers. SAVE GRIMSBY!


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