We Need A Clean Sweep

Jean Coombs, Grimsby Resident

Re: Secondary Plan

October 3, 2018

We need a clean sweep of all of the present council with the exception of Dave Kadwell who is against all of this indiscriminate development. Unfortunately I cannot vote for Dave because he is not in my ward, but I would if I could because he has been against this madness all along.

The idea that every vacant space needs to be filled is ludicrous. Those open spaces add to the charm of our lovely town and give us space to breathe. We cannot stop the developments this irresponsible council has already approved, but a new fresh group of people can prevent intensification of Main Street and further unnecessary development.

Every one reading this needs to urge their friends to get out and vote for the new people who share our point of view based on our love of our town. Let us not forget the financial messes this council has created, i.e. the biodigester which continues to lose money that we need to pay for, and the biogenerator at City Hall that did not fulfill its purpose.


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