What is happening in our town is ludicrous

Ilse Den Boer, Grimsby Resident

Re: Secondary Plan

September 27, 2018

Most long term residents of Grimsby are very upset already with the ongoing construction over the last few years. Our town will never be the same. We realize progress can’t be halted, however, we are being overtaken by ugly buildings that are ruining our town.

Examples are the eyesores at the lake at Casablanca, and the approved changes for downtown and other valued areas of Grimsby such as the dance studio/vacant lot proposed high rise at Elm and Main, Different Strokes and Syndicate removal and construction, all the residential construction at the top of Grimsby Mountain Road, as well as at the top of Park Road.

What is happening in our town is ludicrous! We are not set up to deal with the increase in population and traffic, not to mention we DON’T want this to happen. Our beautiful town is being ruined.

Now we’re hearing about area “intensification” (what does that even mean?). Instead of a new hospital we will get more residences??? On Main Street???? Our valued local businesses will be impacted or disappear altogether and that business will be redirected to the big box stores. Grimsby will lose all it is known and loved for.

We can’t let this happen. People need to speak up and ensure that instead of a town driven by construction companies and their affiliates, money and how many tax dollars can be generated from as small an area as possible we need to preserve the natural beauties that surround us. Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment are unusual features that we should cherish.

Instead we will not be able to see Lake Ontario anymore except from the Skyway bridge and the Escarpment is already suffering from the pollution and humans encroaching. This has to stop before it’s too late.


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