Dear Alderman...

Daphne Davis, Grimsby Resident

Re: Secondary Plan

August 7, 2018

What is the most effective way to have an impact on the plans for the development of the hospital corridor?

As a resident, I have strong objections to its intensification. Is there a limit to Grimsby’s plans for intensification? We haven’t seen the full impact of Casablanca’s development completed, or Main Street by Elm.

Once completed, traffic congestion, noise, light and air pollution, on-street parking would all be issues. It is apparent by Winston Road that there is not sufficient parking for condo owners, or that they are unwilling to pay the high cost of it by the added demand for on-street parking. This must be an anticipated issue, because the Hospital Corridor study did report the number of existing on-street parking places north of Main Street. (Otherwise, why would that be important?) Imagine the headache of snow removal.

I naively wondered why there was a study done, since most land was already developed. I did not understand that it involved both sides of Main Street and that even current commercial buildings could be considered for redevelopment.

Is there truly need for more commercial buildings? We have seen the attractive new two storey building east of Bartlett and Main sit vacant for years before a few renters. Do we still need more condos?

Setting by-laws in place, only to have developers break them with a few token rewards to the town is a frustrating pattern to witness. The residents feel powerless.

I appreciate your advice on how to best approach this.


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