Secondary Plan


Current Status

The new Council debated and halted the continuation of this study twice, in February and March 2019. View more details about what happened here and here.

May 16, 2018


We learned that the Main Street East between Nelles Road and West Lincoln Memorial Hospital was targeted by the Town for intensification and infill. A study was commissioned to develop a Secondary Plan and Urban Design Guidelines that will affect all buildings located to this area.

June 6, 2018


Over 100 people attended this workshop and voted on options presented by the Town regarding scope of change, street-scape, general character and preservation issues. People were also encouraged to work in teams and write down their ideas and wishes.

Here was the answer to the most relevant question of this poll:

“What are your initial thoughts about the study area, as it exists today?”

A. I like it just the way it is - 17%
B. It could use some minor improvements - 67%
C. It could use some major improvements - 9%
D. Don't know - 7%

A Secondary Plan Will Allow Residential Development

Existing by-law allows for maximum 8.5m height and dwellings as accessory use above commercial buildings. Higher residential development would require a developer to apply for an amendment of the Official Plan which includes public consultations.

The resulting Secondary Plan of the "Hospital Corridor Study" will include achieving new "density and intensification targets" and "redevelopment options that will facilitate a higher density/node concept" for the whole area.

Section 37 encourages developers to apply for a height and/or density bonus in exchange for community benefits like building rental and affordable housing or preserving heritage buildings.

This is Your Hometown

This is the place you chose to raise your children or spend your silver years. Despite large developments that are lining up in the West-end, the rest of Grimsby still has the small town charm, filled with gardens, large trees, tons of heritage features, great escarpment view, friendly neighbours and quiet streets.

As new development takes place, let's make sure that you get the town YOU want. Our new Council promised to listen. Speak up and let everyone know what you think!


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